William H. Wainwright, Ph.D.

Director of Biological Production

Dr. Wainwright occupied a variety of key management positions during a 28-year career with Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Inc. vaccine manufacturing and R&D operations. Dr. Wainwright was responsible for Wyeth’s biological vaccine commercial manufacturing operation of FDA and EU approved vaccines from 1977 to 1991. After gaining experience in vaccine manufacturing, Dr. Wainwright joined Wyeth’s R&D division as head of viral vaccine development where he led Wyeth’s development of four new viral vaccines from 1991 to 2005, Rabies vaccine (WyVax), live oral adenovirus vaccine, Rotavirus vaccine (RotaShield) and live attenuated Influenza Virus vaccine (FluMist) and obtained US and/or European regulatory approvals. Wyeth recognized Dr Wainwright’s experience and corporate contributions in all facets of biological manufacturing, development, quality operations and regulatory affairs by awarding him their highest achievement award, The Presidents Award, in 2004. Dr. Wainwright earned his advanced degrees in Virology and Medical Microbiology