Scott E. Rosenow, J.D.

Vice President and Director

Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer- International Medica Foundation

Mr. Rosenow is the Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer of the International Medica Foundation. Previously he was the Vice President of Corporate and Business Development, and General Counsel for BIOVIRx, Inc., a biotech company that owned the rights to RotaShield. Mr. Rosenow successfully helped raise the initial capital for the reintroduction of BIOVIRx' vaccine; handled the legal affairs of the Company; and developed the relationships with several major pharmaceutical companies for the advancement of BIOVIRx. Mr. Rosenow donated all his rights and assigns of BIOVIRx to the International Medica Foundation.

Prior to his involvement in the biosciences industry, he practiced law in Washington D.C., first at a Division of the Treasury Department and then the Washington office of a Los Angeles based law firm. Mr. Rosenow received his B.A. and J.D. from the University of Minnesota.